January 21, 2018

Peanut Butter Plan

Denver Peanut Butter Plan

Denver Peanut Butter Plan

Join Denver B’nai B’rith Denver YPN as we join forces with the Denver Peanut Butter Plan for a monthly community event:

The Peanut Butter Plan…it’s simple! We’ll make PBJ’s and pass them out to people in need in the downtown Denver area.

THE DONATIONS: Each Peanut Butter Plan participant will be asked to donate one jar of Peanut Butter and one jar of Jelly, plus TWO or more loafs of bread (We are always needing more bread donations).

Hey! If you can bring a friend or three….that is great too!

THE MISSION: After the PBJ’s are made, we will form carpools to the Denver Rescue Mission neighborhood, head out to find the homeless, and hand out the sandwiches. After we have given food to many of the people we find on the streets and in the parks, we will donate any left over food to Samaritan House and/or other agencies in need.

**Children of all ages are welcome to join in fun when we make a temporary PBJ production line; HOWEVER, when we go out to distribute the PBJ’s we would not recommend bringing any young children. Use your own discretion.

You can find the Denver Peanut Butter Plan on Facebook.