February 24, 2018

Max Frankel Jewish Prisoner Program 2017

On September 22, 2017, volunteers from B’nai B’rith once again performed the mitzvah of bringing Rosh Hashanah to inmates at the medium security Fremont Correctional Facility in Canon City, Colorado.

The group included Marvin Goldman, Gerald Rosenblatt and Jonnie Pizer who coordinated the event and made all of the arrangements with officials at the facility. Marvin served as the lay rabbi and conducted the service. The inmates and volunteers shared a special prayer and a moment of silence for those affected by the recent devastating hurricanes. Inmate and volunteer participation was welcomed throughout the service, food preparation, and dining.

The inmates attending the services enjoy the opportunity to celebrate the holidays and to enjoy the rare treat of kosher food. They are truly appreciative of us bringing a little Judaism to their lives. There were warm thank you’s and smiles shared by all who were present.

We want to extend our appreciation to Lt. Narva Courtney, Facilities Volunteer Coordinator, Scott Dauffenbach, Warden, the staff, and inmates at the Fremont Correctional Facility.

This marks the 71st consecutive year we have provided this service. Begun by “Uncle” Max Frankel (of blessed memory) in 1946, right after World War II. The program was continued by Ed Koplin through Passover, 2017. We continue to perform a short service for Jewish inmates on the second days of Rosh Hashanah and of Passover every year. Bnai Brith members gratefully appreciate this opportunity to carry on his special tradition. Further, we want to help convey the outside community’s thoughts and concerns to those who are in isolated situations.

Volunteer opportunities

We are always looking for new volunteers to share this experience, and perform a true mitzvah. Please contact B’nai B’rith Denver at 303-393-7358 or admin@bnaibrithdenver.org for more information.