November 24, 2017

B’nai B’rith International Bowling Tournament

Sanford Mark (“Sandy”) from the Denver Bnai Brith bowling league bowled last weekend at the 71st B’nai Brith bowling tournament in the Motown Detroit Michigan area.  He was the only sole bowler from the Thursday night Monaco league and was placed with 2 bowlers from the New Orleans, La. area and a bowler from the Indiana league.  There were a total of 44 teams from around the United States (total of 176 bowlers) whoparticipated in this year’s tournament.  They bowled at 2 bowling houses in the Farmington Hills suburb of Detroit (country lanes and DrakeshireLanes).. The hospitality center was setup in the Hilton Garden Inn Novi.  They provided excellent Kosher food to eat throughout the tournament and had a Saturday night banquet after Shabbat and a Sunday morning breakfast.  The bowling format consisted of 22 teams bowling at each of the 2 houses starting at 9pm on Saturday, March 16th and then rotating to the other house at 9:00am Sunday, March 17th.. Sanford had placed twice in 2 eliminator brackets and placed first in 2 other brackets.. He is awaiting the results of the 4man team and individual results to be coming out.. Sanford said that it was different bowling at extreme humid and low altitude but overall performed average his average and had over 2 “200” games.  Sanford spend some extra time going down to Greektown and the casinos in Detroit along with spend a whole night in Windsor, Ontario across the bridge.  The tournament will be held next year in Kansas City, MO and brought it up to the Board of Directors to house the tournament in Denver maybe in 2-3 years. Denver has the skiing, mountains, casinos, and excellent bowling centers to accommodate the large group that will be attending.